Travel Yarns

by Gerry Manacsa

Back when Out of Balance (the old site that‘s inhabited some of this space since the mid 90s) was my active journal, I spent the days after my return from a trip chronicling my travels with photos and short essays. I wrote furiously in those first days home, hoping to capture the essence of the places I saw and people I met before the immediacy and motivation slipped away.

With the retirement of those pages and the emergence of common spaces like Facebook and Flickr, my documentary zeal has changed focus a bit and I’ve usually taken less painful (and alas, often less creative) routes for sharing such adventures with others.

In updating some of my online places, I came across some of those earlier travel scrapbooks and found that they’ve accomplished my subconscious intent for their creation — now, years later, they can still evoke the excitement and flood of impressions I felt in those weary, wired days after a trip.

Rather than stuffing them back away into the digital shoebox of my hard drive, I’ve instead put a couple of them back up to share…Click here to read this .

Quest: Desert and Discovery

Jamaica: Adventures in Alligator Pond

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