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Why I support Occupy Wall Street or: Why I love America

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Why I support Occupy Wall Street or: Why I love America

I love this country.

My family and I arrived here more than forty years ago. My parents worked hard to support our family and to give us kids a start that was far beyond their own origins. We in turn went to school, did the work, and made our way out into the world. We all found opportunity and prosperity that we could never have had in the land of my birth.

I love that I can make choices, pursue my dreams, and make a living doing something I can feel passionate about.

At the same time, I’ve watched my family and friends struggle. They’re working harder and longer for less pay, their benefits dwindling, even as their corporate employers earn billions and inflate CEO pay skyward. I’ve seen my own young family’s bills for health insurance rise dramatically, even as less is covered — while insurance companies reap record profits. And like everyone else, I’ve watched our savings get mutilated by greed and wrongdoing on Wall Street. Things don’t seem to be heading in the right direction, but the mechanism we’ve built to fix it — democracy — is disintegrating from the inside, corroded by unlimited money from those who benefit from the status quo.

That’s why I support the Occupy movement. I’ve had my chance to live the American Dream.

I want my kids to have that chance, too.